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COVID-19 Information


Students are to come ready dressed for class and may change their shoes before entering the studio. 


Students are only permitted to bring a bottle of water and a small bag with their outdoor shoes in into class with them.


Students are to wash their hands as soon as they enter the building.


Students are to use hand sanitizer when entering the studio. 


Parents are NOT to enter the building. 


Students are to stay in their designated 2m x 2m square for the duration of the lesson. 


As students leave the studio, they will use the hand sanitizer. 


Barres and key areas such as door handles will be cleaned before and after classes. 


In the case of an emergency, first aid may be carried out on my child by the teacher present. The teacher will be wearing PPE equipment if this occurs. 


In the case of a fire or emergency students will need to leave their square on the floor and social distancing may not always be possible in these situations. 

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